The Recipe Round-up // Week 2

Here we go, week two. Last week was our first proper week of routine of 2019. Darren went back to work after the xmas hols and it meant we were back on track with planning breakfasts, lunches and dinners each night plus snacks.

I tried to mix our meals up this week, introducing vegan elements of meals and cutting bread out of diet. The only bread we buy now is a small fruit loaf to toast for supper before bed if we’re peckish and garlic bread slices that are kept in the freezer and thrown in the over as/when we want them with pasta dishes.

I really enjoy getting in the kitchen after being in work all day and last week we ate the following –



My fave kinda recipe is one that had the opportunity for me to load with veggies and takes less than 30 minutes from prep to serving on the table.Las Ignuahas

We prefer to eat pretty much as soon as we get home so generally, I want meals that don’t take all night, don’t use every utensil in my kitchen but are homemade i.e. making my own sauces using herbs, spices and paasata/coconut milk/ curry pastes instead of buying pre-made sauces and jars.

Jackfruit was completely new to us this week. I’ve had it once before at Las Iguanas in Liverpool ONE but I’ve never bought or cooked with it before.

Our food shop came in at £60 this week, which covers three meals a day for two of us, six days a week, plus any drinks & toiletries we need. Not too bad, I don’t think?

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