The Recipe Round-up // Week 1

The Recipe Round-up // Week 1

What we eat on a pescatarian diet in January….

Here we go, sharing my meals, old-school blogging style. 10 weeks ago we took the plunge and went pescatarian. Removing meat from our diet was easy enough and so far, I have no plans to go back.

Combine this with January dread and the whole ‘skint for 1627353 weeks’ before payday fiiiinally rolls round, meal planning can get quite boring. Especially cos the world is trying to make you diet.

So, in a bid to spread some meal inspo and show that it’s easy to A. eat well whilst cooking tasty meals and B. spend well and cost-effectively each weeks to make your food shop go further.

  • Veggie Lean in 15 – Burrito Bowls with mixed salad
  • Prawn and Spinach Pasta Sauce
  • Aldi Sweet Potato Burger, Scampi, Homemade Garlic Wedges & salad
  • Veggie Pie, Carrot & Sweet Potato Mash & Tenderstem Brocolli


Every week, I’ll be sharing a selection of the meals I’ve made that week, along with my receipt from Aldi to document how I make my food go further and what we ate/used up that week.

To put it into perspective, every week we eat –

  • x2 milk alternative’s – almond for me and soya or oat at home
  • Lunches – salads/soups or veggie ready meals from Aldi for Darren
  • Dinners – a variety of fish and veggie dinners across 6 days ( I food plan for Saturday-Friday, as we do our ‘big shop’ every Saturday at Aldi. Sometimes Morrisons is we feelin’ faaanncy)

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