My 2018 Round-Up; Engagement, House & Weight-Loss

2018, what a year that was, ey? 12 months ago I didn’t think I would be ending another December in our very own home and with a ring on that finger. Nope, not us, surely?

Here’s what happened and why it’s memorable.

The House

Over the last 18 months or so I’ve been honest with how us trying to buy a house was a struggle. We rented for three years and due to shitty landlords, move house every year like clockwork when yet another landlord decided to sell up. So, buying a house this year was a whirlwind. It all happened in 17 days. From first viewing to completion, buying a new build meant no chain and we moved fast. Literally. Less than a month later and we were in. And eight months later, we love even more, if that’s possible.

The Ring

Darren doesn’t do things by halves. This year we also both turned 30. More on that later, but he didn’t feel ‘settled’ in life so amongst buying a house, he decided to put a ring on it. I was v v v surprised. He always said he didn’t want to get married so that was a big shock on 29th April 2018.

Turning 30

Oh yeah, so I joined the 30 club in May. I did have big plans for my 3 0 but the universe had a different idea with the whole house thing, so the party I had planned was cancelled and replaced with a v laid back today. Darren took me shopping and for a McDonalds (winning) and then food and drinks that evening.

Since turning 30, I’ve become even more ‘You do you’ if that was at all possible. I’ve felt completely at ease in myself. Returning to my super bleach blonde ways with platinum hair, cut it all off again and gave zero fucks.

To say I’ve embraced it, is an understatement.

Hitting my Slimming World Target (briefly)

In August I decided to bid farewell to Slimming World and put myself at target. After just over a year of weekly weigh-ins, it was time to give standing on the standing on the sad step every Tuesday the big heave-ho.

In that time I lost a stone and a half at my peak and settled at a one stone loss at target. I’ve gained a further 4 pounds back but I feel great. SW is a great way to retrain your brain when it comes to food and I still apply a lot of the cooking methods on a daily basis. I did buy a set of scales to live in my bathroom at home, which I hop on to every other week so see what’s what. The number doesn’t seem to move often, so we’re all good.

Going Pescatarian

Going pescatarian was Darren’s idea, after a very disturbing video appeared on his Facebook timeline. I’ve often chosen veggie options when we eat out so it wasn’t a struggle for me, him however, he’s really surprised me and we haven’t missed meat at all. I’ve tried lots of new recipes and invested in new cook books and nine weeks later, we’re not seeing any reason to go back to eating meat!

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