Xmas Gift Guide: Ideal Gifts For Women Over 30

Hello December and welcome to the 2018 gift guide. This year, I bring you a gift guide with a twist. As a woman in her 30s who has a shopping addiction, generally if there’s something I want, I’m gonna go ahead and buy it. Usually on payday. Which means I’m hard to buy for. So, here’s a quick tips on things I’d love to unwrap under the tree.

Husbands, Mums & besties, are you ready?

  • Pro Blo Curl Me Blow Drying Brushes Kit – If you want to get a curly blow every week to avoid having to wash your own hair, I feel you. But bank balance says no? Pop these Pro Blo blow drying brushes on your wish list to Santa. Makes doing your own hair 10000% easier.
  • Impulse Glitter Body Sprays – Yep, Impulse are back, baby. Every gal born in 1988-1994, will wax lyrical about Impulse and how the addiction was real. Why not give her the ultimate throwback gift with a coconut scented body spray. It’s holidays in a bottle. Trust Me.

  • Popcorn Shed – If you’re looking for a ‘healthy but tastes like it’s naughty’ snack to nibble on this Christmas whilst you’re catching up with the girls over a glass of bubbles or want something to snack on while watching Home Alone, I really recommend getting your hands on a bag (or box!) of Popcorn Shed popcorn. Low calorie, loads of different flavours to choose from and a cute box to display, it’s a win-win! I can definitely see Popcorn Shed being my snack of choice as we move into 2019!


  • The Nest, Albert Dock, Liverpool. I recently attended the Albert Dock Christmas Extravaganza and was introduced to The Nest. A gorge little homeware shop and oh wow, these chopping boards are amazing. If your gal is houseproud AF and always sharing every nook and crany on Insta, these chopping boards will go down a treat.
  • Kiss Nails – Similarly to the brow dry brushes, finding time to get your nails done is an effort. So, treat her to an endless stash of Kiss False Nails. The perfect stocking filler.
  • Barefoot Bubbles – Pinot Grogio. Bubbles, need I say more? A bottle of something fizzy, cold and alcoholic is always wanted at Christmas time.

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