Five Autumnal Additions To My Make Up Bag

Hello autumnal make up. We all love a berry lip and a darker smoky eye, don’t we? This time of year means we can go all in our with our make up and look extra AF on the daily. If ya know, that’s your thing. I know Darren has given me a funny look over the past few weeks when I’m made a dramatic entrance to the kitchen at 7am before work with a full face on.

It’s the season dontcha’ know?

So, here we go. I emptied the contents of my make up bag all over my dresser and reunited with the huns that will be gracing my face from now till March. Let’s do this..


It’s all in the detail

The bolder, the brighter, the better tbh. I’m not here for a nude lip. Show me the colour.

What are you loving? Any brands/products I need to try this season?

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