Rumi by Bukhara Turns 4

When it comes to going out for a curry or Indian food in general in Liverpool city centre, you can get stumped every now and again on places to visit. The well-known eateries such as Mowgli and Mayur come up in conversation, but sometimes you need to look of the beaten track.

Darren and I visited Rumi by Bukhara for the first time earlier this year back in February and we sung its praises. Located on Mount Pleasant, just round the corner from Liverpool Central & Lime Street it’s so handily located and a real gem to discover.

The diner/cafe is celebrating its fourth birthday this autumn so we were invited along to eat with the team once more and work our way through the menu, trying a selection of different dishes.

Pescatarian and Veggie Options

Since we made the switch to a fish-only diet, cutting out all meat, we’ve not been worried at all. When we go for a curry I tend to opt for a veggie dish or paneer usually, whilst Darren would have always gone for a meat option.

Luckily for us, the menu at Rumi has a variety of fish and veggie options so we could take our pick of what we fancied.

Choosing to go all in and really fill our bellies we went for –

We both opted for veggie dishes to start. Mainly cos paneer is life and the thought of a deep-fried samosa with chickpeas, tomatoes, onion and yogurt had me salavating at the very thought of it. Both excellently priced and delicious. 10/10 for sure.


Rumi is alcohol-free but they make up for it in mocktails. Hello two pina colada’s. Expertly made with loads of coconut and cream – the perfect refresher if you order your food spicy too.

Onto the mains

When we chose our curries, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. But we kinda forgot just how good the food is.

Both main dishes cost less than £12 a piece, meaning it’s a meal that isn’t going to break the bank. Throwing a portion of pashwari naan on the side – aka our favourite naan bread to mop up any leftover curry. We left with extremely full bellies after another great meal.

If you’re looking for a new place to eat or an authentic slice of Indian cooking, I wholeheartedly suggest you give Rumi a go and go along to celebrate their fourth birthday with them!


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