Everyday Simple Make Up Essentials

Everyday Simple Make Up Essentials

It’s been a while since I’ve chatted beauty and with the weather taking a turn, I find myself thinking differently about the products I’m using and giving my skin a little extra protection against the elements now we’re getting into winter. Whilst I do tend to go make-up free over the weekend, during the week, these are four products that I’m wearing again and again.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I’ve been brand-loyal to Estee Lauder and doublewear for at least the last 6/7 years now. I love the full coverage it provides, it doesn’t feel heavy on my face, which I think is true testament to a foundation that I apply at 7am and don’t remove until 5pm each day. It doesn’t budge and my face can still breathe, so to speak, when I’m wearing it. I have considered trying Charlotte Tilbury and Dior, but for now, doublewear is the way to go.

Technic Cosmetics Highlighter*

I’m a believer in having a mix of high-end and cheaper items in my make up. Technic is a brand I pick up in Bodycare and this highlighter has been a firm fave for nearly 12 months now. It’s glowy, not too shimmery and adds a little summin’ summin’ to my look when I wear it. Plus for less than a fiver, you’re quids in.

Pixi by Petra Primer*

This lovely little primer from Pixi has a rose gold sheen to it, which is perf for wearing underneath my foundation when I’m creating a heavier make up look – ideal for date nights. The colour is perfectly subtle but it feels lovely when applied to the skin and doesn’t counteract with my foundation – a winner from me.

Miss Baby Roll L’Oreal Mascara

Darren took me on a new make-up trolley dash in Boots earlier this year for my 30th and I picked this mascara up to give it a whirl. Years ago I wore the Cat Eye L’Oreal mascara religiously, but for some reason we fell out of love. It’s taken me a good few months to get to grips with this one as it’s very dark, was a bit clumpy at first and you need a strong eye make up remover to get it off, but now I love it. It makes my lashes look extra long and thick and I’m so here for that.

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