Las Iguanas, Liverpool ONE Veggie & Pescatarian Menu Review

Since making the decision to follow a pescatarian diet, Darren have eaten out a couple of times and ordered a takeaway or two. We’re no strangers to veggies and enjoy trying new dishes, so when an invite landed to sample the new Las Iguanas menu in Liverpool ONE, we were excited to try the fish and veggie options on the menu.

Located in Chavasse Park in L1, the restaurant has had a makeover with lots of seating options, both inside and out, a huge neon sign on the wall giving off all the IG photo goals and an extensive cocktail 2-for-1 menu. Handy for a bite to eat when you’re out shopping or a cheap and cheerful date night before the pictures or a few drinks in town.

On The Menu

With the aim of keeping our spends under £50, we opted for a sharing starter, two mains and two sides. Plus a couple of rounds of cocktails.

Creamy, cheesy, gooey goodness. I don’t even think these photo’s do it justice. Heaven, it turns out, is in fact, a bowl of melted cheese with crispy potato chunks to dip and share. The bowl was emptied and I don’t think we spoke to eachother for the three minutes it took to devour the lot. Would 10/10 recommend.

In the name of throwing myself in the deep end, embracing veggie & vegan options, I knew I had to opt for the jackfruit and beetroot burrito when I saw it on the menu. I’ve spotted a lot of veggie recipes made with jackfruit recently, likening it to a similar pulled pork texture. I was also intrigued by the beetroot wrap.

It was a great portion-size with a side salad and a choice of guac & sour cream to dip, on the veggie option. It was perfectly filled and full of flavour. My first try of jackfruit was a success and I would order this of the menu again – receiving 9/10 in the scoring stakes.

Darren opted for a pescatarian dish – it was a prawn, white fish and pepper dish in a creamy thai coconut sauce served with spring onion rice. Similar to curry, it had a side of planatin too. Delicious, mild in flavour but really tasty is how he describes it. The sprinkling coconut was a lovely touch and an unusual flavour of rice, made it a great choice if you fancy trying something new. Super-filling, thanks to the mass of rice, he left feeling v full & satisfied – a solid 9/10 for this dish.

Side Dishes 

Adding a couple of side dishes to share to the table, we went with the following –

It was a filling meal, leaving no space for dessert and with a couple of pina colada’s on the side, we rolled home with full bellies!

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