Welcome to Ruth Writes 3.0

I’ve been blogging for eight years, had three domain names and countless themes – all photos, loads of millennial pink, the classic blogger layout of images and text – this blog has seen it all. I’ve been loyal to WordPress since I wrote my very first post back in the summer of 2010 and somehow, I’m still here.

From ruthfishwick1.wordpress.com to Musings of Ruby back when I had bold red hair to now, Ruth Writes. Cos, quite simply, that’s what I do. I share my life.

I love the upkeep of my blog, the opportunities it’s brought me and my loved ones and it’s a hobby I’ve stuck to and hope to continue to do so as I travel through life. But for a while, the actual aesthetic of my blog has been bugging me. It felt too disjointed and didn’t portray what I aim to showcase – a mix of my home, my thoughts and stuff I get up to, mainly in the form of blogger events.

So, welcome to Ruth Writes 3.0. My latest makeover and what I hope will be the last. I still have tweaks planned and lots of new posts in the works, but this is my updated home.

My blog has grown with me from my early 20s, now to my 30s and I plan to keep evolving and writing posts I enjoy. My new layout feels more me; bringing my personality into my blog is so important as I feel reign and I don’t want it to feel static or like every other lifestyle blog…

So, here’s to the next phase of Ruth Writes – I hope you stick around for the next 8 years!

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  1. MissPond says:

    Oh wow 8 years! What an achievement! Looking forward to seeing where you take Ruth Writes in the future x

  2. Karen Clough says:

    I’ve been blogging about the same amount of time and it’s definitely changed a lot in that time, so it’s good to have changes in your opinion/layout/content too 🙂 Here’s to the next 8 years!

  3. good luck with Ruth 3.0 it’s good to change and adapt. Your theme and photos look great/crisp. I’ve been reading blogs for years and you’re right alot has changed…

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Welcome to Ruth Writes

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