There's No Shame in Shopping For Your Shape

I’m a size 12 some days and a size 14 on others. I’ve been a size 16 and as small as an 8 way back when ( we’re talking over 15 years ago). It used to bother me.
But now I’m ok with the number in the label cos it doesn’t make me, me.
I’d rather dress for my body and shape and look good in clothes that try and fit myself into something that’s smaller. I mean, noone can read the label.

I was recently invited along to the relaunch of the Matalan Williamson Square store in Liverpool. It was a trolley dash event which defo was was exciting as it sounds. Think Supermarket Sweep and bingo!
It was great to look at the new pieces in store and new trends – some that do flatter my ass and hips and some that do not.
I’d love to wear midi length dresses but I think I’d feel like a nan, rather than like the sexy independent woman I wanna be. Lol.
I am huge fan of a belt. Hike in your waist, sculpt dat ass and I feel a million times better in my jeans. There’s no shame in dressing for your figure and what work for you.
I love this check print red dress I got in Matalan – the length is really flattering, it has sleeves which I love and it’s a nice fit. I got a size 12 and I’m pretty happy.
There’s so many blog posts floating around like this and I’m just adding to the noise to be honest, but I felt really good in this dress and these pictures so I wanted to share. If I can’t big myself up on my own blog, where can I ey?

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  1. Keeley says:

    You look lovely in this! Unfortunately I don’t think Matalan are particularly plus size friendly but it is a while since I have been so things may have changed!

    Keeley x

  2. Susan Earlam says:

    I do like Matalan for home-ware, not really looked at their clothing before

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