It's Ok To Be A Homebird #SpillTheTea

Social media gives off this impression that everyone is busy all the time. Checking in on Facebook, tagging your location on IG Stories, seeing friends and family. We’ve all read that memes about how exhausting it is to work out (LOL, I don’t do that), physically go to work, keep your home clean, see people and then take 5 minutes to actual get over the ordeal of having to actually spend time with people other than the person/people/animals that you live with.
So, generally, I don’t. I bloody love my house and being in my home.

Is it since turning 30?
Is it since we bought a house and I love being here?
Or is just because. No official reason other than, I like sitting with my fiance and walking my dog. I like watching the telly. And I’m more than happy to scroll Insta and watch other people’s lives on Insta.
I’ve being doing, I say that lighly, vlogtober on my IG Stories this month and it’s hard to find stuff to talk about to the internet everyday. I can sit for hours and write blog posts but after a fridge tour (#Content) a couple of blog events and a Bake Off chat in pj’s I’m out.
I have stuff to say but nothing that competes with the rest of the gals killing it creating #Content and I’m not here to compete. Just to bring my own noise to the party. Which goes along the lines of –

See, all amazing things to chat about, but from the comfort of your own sofa. In pj’s. And no make up.
So basically the dream. There’s no shame in admitting it. More of us should TBH.
Home is my happy place. Where’s yours?

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5 responses to “It's Ok To Be A Homebird #SpillTheTea”

  1. Lauren says:’ve taken the past two weeks doing exactly what you described and it’s done me the world of good. Do what makes you happy not what you think you should be doing. Also I binge watched Killing Eve in a day!! Love it haha x

  2. though I love going out, and I completely agree. After a few busy weekends, I can’t wait to stay indoors and catch up with everything. Love this post, Ruth!

  3. MissPond says: I’m 100% the same. It was def before buying the house too, but I do love being at home. Killing Eve was amazing, so amazing I may re watch already! And I’m crazily hosting Xmas this year, first year in the new house and all 🙂 I’m very excited!

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