Why I'm Getting Rid of Weight Loss Guilt

Losing weight is a tricky one. There’s the actual ‘losing of the weight’, then keeping it off and finally, not getting to caught up in the numbers game and letting it take over your life is a different ball game.
In short; it’s exhausting.
I joined Slimming World in June 2017 when I knew my clothes were a little too tight and I saw an awful photo that shamed me into losing weight. That shouldn’t have been the case cos it was me, just me. But I didn’t like the look of me in that photo.
So every Tuesday for the next 12 months I totted along to group and got weighed. Every week. Rain or shine, no matter how ‘good’ I’d been that week, I saw my weight in black and white.
And then again written down in my book. Over that year I lost one and a half stone. Not all in one go and I’ve not even kept it off but in August 2018 I hit target.

No-one tells you how exhausting it is, having to give a sh*t about your week. Every. Week. 

Do I feel better for joining and tackling something I viewed as a problem? Sure. Would I do it all over again? Probably.
Am I bored and hate the whole Slimming World culture and how much emphasis is put on gaining a pound or two in a 7-day window, when you might have had a hangover and inhaled a Maccies or be on your period.
There’s no shame in your body fluctuating by a pound or three every week. It’s life. But these groups make their money by feeding on the innocent who feel like it’s a bad thing. It’s not.
The mentality is screwed.
Now I’m at target I no longer have to pay and I’m much more relaxed and trying to stop viewing my weight as something that defines whether or not I eat a KitKat while watching Bake Off or start mithering Darren for a takeaway on Friday on a Wednesday morning via WhatsApp through the medium of emoji’s.
It’s ok.
So, this is me; trying to let go and chill out, whilst eating my way through my fridge, in moderation of course.
I also happen to think I look pretty good at the minute anyway. Size 16 Primark jeans on a 12 stone body? I’m ok with it, thank you.

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