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BECCA is a makeup brand I’ve admired for a good few years. I initially followed the brand for their range of highlighers, namely Champagne Pop. So, when I heard the brand was launching a makeup counter in John Lewis in L1 and had a mini launch planned, I headed along to learn a bit more about the brand and eye up the latest releases…

I had always thought the brand was very similar to MAC in that sense that they’re all about heavy coverage and the full makeup look. However, talking to the senior MUA, she said the complete opposite, which was a lovely surprise!
The counter offers free 15-minute mini makeover classes – I was treated to a foundation and concealer session. As I’m very pale, I didn’t want anything too different from my normal skin tone and medium coverage whilst it’s summer.

Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

Trying the aqua luminous perfecting foundation in the lightest shade, it was gently buffed into my skin, following a layer of the Becca First Light Priming Filter. The primer smelt amazing and very gentle on the skin.
This allowed the foundation to take to my skin, without looking cakey or ‘too done’. Followed by just a touch of Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme under the eyes to cover my dreaded dark circles.
I don’t have horrific skin but I do have areas of redness and the odd hormonal spot or three, but the products used covered the bits I don’t usually like to be seen whilst still leaving my face feeling quite effortless.
As soon as payday rolls around, I think I’ll be heading back to invest in the foundation – I couldn’t believe how well it matched and felt on my skin!

*Thank you to the lovely BECCA team for the invite along to the event!
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