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Earlier this month, Darren and I began a new journey of becoming potential homeowners. Something we hadn’t thought we would be doing anytime soon, but as our 30th birthday’s approached, we bit the bullet and began to look for somewhere to call our own.
As we continue down the very stressful road of buying our first home, I’ve begun to think about what I want from our first home. After years of renting multiple properties, it’s so exciting to potentially have rooms and spaces we can transform into our own tastes…no magnolia walls in sight!
Top 5 Dreamy Interior Picks

The first thing on my list is a dressing room/blogging space. In our current and previous rented home, we didn’t put much thought into the layout of the house and things we would like to have. But, the property we’ve been viewing has space for me to have my own dressing table and space to do my make-up, blog and store my handbags. I’ve been getting some inspo ideas on Pinterest and love the idea of a grey desk, Perspex storage and prints on the walls.
Night table can serve as a makeup table. Place close to a window for better lighting.

Furthermore to my personal haven, next up on the list is a man cave. No more Xbox in the living room and listening to the FIFA soundtrack, the man cave will be Darren’s own space to store his desk, his games and there’s talk of Marvel posters on the walls. Something, I’m quite excited to see actually…
Similar layout to our future media room

Having Molly, a garden has been essential for us, but we’ve never done much with our gardens to date and have yet to invest in garden furniture and a BBQ. With a potential spring moving day on the horizon, we’re dreaming of large garden sofas, a huge BBQ and a greenhouse to grow our own veggies. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

Rented properties come with old and tired doors. My dream is to have patio doors and even replacement sash windows in some of the rooms for our home. Having the option to choose the style and colour makes a home a lot more personal and in keeping with your own personal style and taste. There are quite a few homes on our current street with grey windows and matching front door – they look so modern and contemporary and I really love the look of the house.

Oh, to have a dishwasher. I know what you’re thinking the appliance doesn’t scream dreamy décor and Insta-worthy interiors, but after washing by hand every night for the last 2 and a half years, having a dishwasher would be the cherry on top of the new home, moving day cake. I’m the kinda gal who loves to cook and uses every utensil in the drawer and pan in the cupboard so having the ability to pop everything in a dishwasher and no longer having to rely on scrubbing my roasting tins clean sounds like my kinda party.
What’s on your list of dreamy décor and home must-haves, for either your current or dream house? I’d love to know!

*This post contains collaborative links. Image source; Pinterest.
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