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When you are keen to take your family away on holiday, you want to make sure that it all goes as smoothly as possible. The truth is that getting this right can take some time and effort, and some decent research, but as long as you do that you should find that you are able to find some pretty decent holidays which are easy for your entire family. This is great news if you are starting to feel that everyone is a little stressed out and it’s time for something truly relaxing to do together. So which destinations are best for this kind of easy all-family holiday? Let’s take a look at just a few ideas to get you started.


There is a good reason that Spain is always such a favourite holiday destination for families: it is tourist-friendly and easy to visit and travel around. It is also one of Europe’s great destinations for soaking in the sun and sea, so it’s no surprise that it remains an eternal favourite year after year as well. If you are keen to visit Spain this year or sometime soon, then you might want to take a look at some of the best Spanish locations which you can sink your teeth into, so that you have some idea of where you should go. As it happens, staying there is easy no matter where in Spain you happen to want to go. Think about it – Spain: 3238 holiday villas and apartments, and all of them in gloriously beautiful locations. You really can’t go much wrong when it comes to taking your family away in Spain.


If you are UK-based, then France might be one of the better options, just for the simple fact that it is relatively nearby. You can easily get there by car if you are in the South of England, or public transport quickly and effectively otherwise. What’s more, the country has plenty to offer which can make it an ideal location for a family, and it has many spots which you might find to be fantastic relaxation opportunities for the family too. If you are keen to visit the capital of Paris, then you might have a bit more of a hectic time, but even then you should be able to enjoy your holiday time with the family as much as you’d like. But going to the countryside is likely to be the far more relaxing option, and it’s something that your family are not going to forget any time soon either.
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One of the major concerns when travelling with children is trying to find enough food that they will be able to eat happily throughout the trip. As it happens, one of the best locations for finding child-friendly food (alongside France) is Italy, and it also happens to be the kind of place you might want to take kids anyway, for many other reasons. As well as having plenty of child-friendly food, it is also a hugely educational and informative place to visit with your kids, and that alone can mean that it is a top place on the list for families to go travelling. Consider Italy if you want everyone to be relaxed and happy – and to learn a thing or two as well.
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When you are looking for a relaxing place for hate family to go, one of the main characteristics that is a good sign of this is when the culture itself is very laid back. One of the best examples of a laid-back culture which will be good to visit as a family is Switzerland. Not only famous political neutral, but as a society also very calm and relaxed, with a very low crime rate indeed. It’s good to know that you are taking your children somewhere where they can be safe, as this alone will make for a much more relaxing time for you and the children. Switzerland is a perfect example of how you can take your whole family away without too much stress.


Of course, for a truly relaxing time, who can say better than simply staying at home and going for a UK-based holiday instead? If you have not considered this for a long time, you might be surprised at how much there is to do in these Isles, and it’s actually a very relaxing country to stay in if you are holidaying with the family. Remember this if you perhaps also want to save a little cash and you don’t mind holidaying close to home.

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