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It’s around this time of year my thoughts begin to turn to holidays and if we can afford a trip abroad and somewhere new to tick off the bucket list. When we go away, I love to experience the culture and try new foods. It’s all part and parcel of the holiday.
Whether you enjoy travelling close to home or on far-flung getaways, exploring exotic or ethnic foods is a great way to step out of your comfort zone. We all grow up with comfort foods that we know and eat from childhood, so trying new foods is a great way to explore culture’s different to our own.

Marrakech, Morroco

We ticked Marrakech off the bucket list two years ago. The vibrant culture, juxtaposition of old and new towns and myriad of souks to explore made it a fantastic holiday.
Kebabs, tagine, fresh orange juice and mint tea are just three foods/drinks synonymous with the country and we certainly experienced our fair share. The street food in the Medina was amazing, combining the sounds and smells of the city, making it hard to forget!

Skiathos, Greece

Greece will forever be one of my favourite countries to visit. The laid-back vibe of the smaller port towns combined with blue skies, sunshine and gyros of three, and I’m sold. I’ve been holidaying on various islands since I was a kid, but Skiathos will always be a firm fave.
At a push, I would say Greek food is my all time favourite. Feta cheese pies, souvlaki, tzatiki… yes please! Throw an ice cold Mythos into the mix and I’m sold!

Sydney, Australia

I visited Sydney about 7/8 years ago and whilst it was a whistle-stop trip, I was sold by the city. Yes, I would agree the city doesn’t have lots of unique dishes you can’t find in the UK, but the way of life, the diverse city and mix of cuisines available across the city was truly diverse.
During our trip we headed up into the Blue Mountains wine tasting and visiting vineyards, Pie Face became a firm fave when staying the city due to its late opening hours and being the perfect pit-stop en route home. The fish market in Darling Harbour is a must-see, as is a stop at one of the many restaurants in China Town.
Brunching in Bondi and enjoying huge salads in the sun are some standout memories and one day I hope I can head back…

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is somewhere I haven’t actually visited but is a city I’d love to explore. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the city, but the bright lights and diverse culture really interests me. As the capital of Thailand, for the cost of luxury travel to Thailand, I imagine the street food, temples and floating markets are not to be missed.
Somewhere I hope to visit one day….

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