Today’s post is slightly different to usual but about a topic I wanted chat about. Earning money from blogging and sponsored posts. I’m lucky enough to get contacted by brands and PR/SEO agencies alike, wanting to work with me and my blog. A hugely flattering request and one I always consider carefully.
Making money from my blog will always be a perk and whilst I don’t accept every offer that lands in my inbox, over the coming months you may notice a rise in sponsored posts. In a bid to remain truthful and in full-control over the content I feature on Ruth Writes, this is because we’re in the process of looking to buy our own home and the money earned from blogging is all going into the deposit savings pot.
Saving for a house deposit, alongside currently renting feels like an upward struggle. It’s hard and whilst I get that my life on Instagram looks like it’s all liquid lunches and drinks, the majority of it is for reviews to showcase to you guys.
Having a blog is quite the lifeline at the minute as it’s helping tot up the savings and let’s us have a life and go out, without spending too much and then feeling guilty for doing so.
I do think that talking about earning money from blogging can feel quite wrong, but my blog is fully registered as a self-employed business and paying tax on what I earn eases up the bad feeling. Yes, I also work full-time but I’m proud that this eight year old project and URL is a strong contributing factor towards us owning our own home in the next few months.
That means, the number of sponsored posts are about to increase, alongside sharing content I really love. I don’t think this makes me a sell-out, I’m more utilising the tools I have to maximise the house deposit we have.
We have a mortgage in principal and now the hard bit starts….finding a house!
I do want to share more posts over the coming weeks/months about how blogging shouldn’t be a hush-hush industry and it’s OK to use your domain to your own advantage. I love creating content and writing my blog and I get so excited when new opportunities land, but I’m also trying to utilise this growing industry in my personal life to get us on property ladder sooner rather than later.
As we move further through the process, I will share my thoughts on mortgages, finding a house to buy and the stress that goes with it, but until then expect lots of new posts tpo come over the coming months!