Over the past few years, I turned into a real homebody. I find joy in having fresh flowers on my windowsill, spending a Saturday morning cleaning every corner of the house, to try and encourage spring to hurry up and I love to meal plan. Sometimes I worry if I’ve become boring.
I’m massively aware that I don’t see or check in with my friends as often as I should and for that I get the guilt. The guilt that I’m a bad friend and should be around more. It doesn’t always have to be going out for drinks or food. Especially as we’re all trying to build up the savings pot for one thing or another…houses, weddings, babies. Sometimes, just catching up with friends, over a pot of tea and having a good gossip and heart-to-heart is all it takes.
Especially as I spend so much time preening my home. Why not invite my closest pals over to enjoy it and sit on the newly-hoovered sofa. I mean, it won’t be free from dog hair for long.

I’m trying to find the joy in every day. And remember that we can’t do it all. We’ve all seen the meme’s that speak to us all on so many levels….yeah we do all have the same hours in the day as Beyonce, but sadly we don’t have personal trainers, chefs and staff to organise our lives, minute by minute.
The other meme that makes me lol is how can we eat healthily, ring parents, see friends, exercise, get enough sleep, spend 7 and a half hours in work and spend time with loved ones without feeling utterly frazzled? If you can, you go Glen Coco.
To try and combat this, I’ve made small steps….

  • Ringing my oldest friends and dropping them a Whatsapp to catch up – something I can do on the train to and from work.
  • Darren and I have brunch on a Saturday together and take time to laze and chill. There’s lots of lovely perks that come with running a blog and the lovely team at The Jollybrew Tea Company sent us a selection of their loose tea leaves to try and getting our cafetiere out from the back of the cupboard and making a pot of Balmy Berry tea was super satisfying.
  • After-work dog walks are back on the agenda now it’s starting to get lighter in the evenings and it’s so refreshing to throw my trainers on, get Molly’s lead and head out for a long work before Darren gets home at 6.
  • Meal planning came into play properly when I joined Slimming World last June, but after a couple of months of lazy planning and little losses, we’re back in the swing and it makes the food shop so much cheaper and cooking after work a lot simpler.