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If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack, Coco Chanel

I am such a red lipstick girl. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve been blonde, a redhead or a brunette. A red lipstick is the classic colour that you bring out for all the right occasions – date night, job interviews, Christmas parties.
It’s fun, playful, sexy and shows you’re not afraid to play with colour. And whilst I’ve worked my way through the different reds – girls, we all remember purchasing our first Ruby Woo for MAC, snapping up on the Rimmel Kate Moss shades and then over the years, I’m sure we all retreat to our tried and tested.
Well, I thought I had mine. Until Lola Make Up turned up on the doorstep and switched up the game. Matte red? Tick. Long-lasting? Tick. Comfortable to wear? Tick.
Enter, the game changer.

This is the first piece I’ve tried from Lola Make Up. Up until now, they’re a brand I’ve spotted on Instagram and shown some virtual love too, but I was yet to add a product to my (slightly overcrowded) make up nag.
The matte red lipstick arrived with a sidekick – a matching lip liner, complete with a brush applicator.
For the purposes of a true, honest blog review, I deemed it was only fair to put the products through their paces and see if they can stand the test of time….on date night.
Applying before we left the house and I was being rushed out the door by my man-friend (Is the rushing really necessary? No woman has ever intentionally missed a meal…), I indulged in a Chinese for two and various gin and tonics, just to see how it would last. Obvs.
And, it didn’t budge. Which is exactly what you want when wearing a bold lip. I don’t think there’s anything worse than starting the night with a full statement red lip and ending it with just the dregs of your liner left. Let’s be honest, it’s not a good look, is it?
This lippie gets a solid 8/10 from me. Price wise, it’s a winner at £11.95 and I can’t wait for our next date night to wear it again!

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