Life // Can We Really Plan Goals for 2018?

Life // Can We Really Plan Goals for 2018?

When it comes to looking ahead to the next year and planning what I would like to achieve, I’m afraid I’m heading into it as blind as I did 365 days ago.
2017 was an alright year but not one to mark off in the record books. Nothing drastic happened, but we did move house as our old house was put on the market, I think my relationship strengthened making us a better couple and more aligned with eachother and our future, long-term goals and 2017 ended with a job promotion – something I’d worked towards for the last six months and I’m happy to say, finally paid off.

But in terms of ‘big stuff’. The last 12 months were pretty plain sailing. So, when I think ahead to 2018, rather than try and align the stars and ‘make shit happen’ I’m ok to float along and see what comes our way. However, that said there are a couple of things I would like to achieve out of next year –

  • Turning the big 30 – In May I will celebrate my 30th birthday. I’ve always liked the idea of having a garden party, as it’s usually quite warm around my birthday, but with friends spread across the country and babies now added into the equation, I may opt for a weekend in the Lakes with Darren and our dog, Molly. We’ll see.
  • Savings – Due to said house move, any savings we had took a nose-dive so 2018 is the year to stop relying on the overdraft at the end of each month and start to build up a savings pot once again. Yep, you can still rely on your overdraft at 29…
  • Holidays – Lat year we headed off on a city break to Barcelona which was delightful, but this year we’re thinking of a sunscape over to Greece. Gryos’, Mythos and Baklava are all calling my name…
  • Hit My Slimming World Target – I’m a bit of a diary/notebook geek and like to document and write stuff down, so when it comes to my achieving SW target, I like to note down shopping lists for our weekly big shop trips and keep a food diary. I’m just half a stone from target and whilst I can hand on heart say I feel fantastic now, I’m keen to see if I can hit the elusive two stone lost milestone. Losing 1 and a half stone in weight has seen my inner confidence soar and shed two dress sizes to feel fantastic and fall back in love with the contents of my wardrobe again. I get that the New Year doesn’t automatically mean weight loss and diets, but SW was something I decided on in June and in 6 months I feel a lot fitter, healthier and at peace with myself, which is a nice place to be.

I plan to keep a record of losses and note down monthly plans with family, friends and upcoming posts for my blog after a couple of weeks off. 2018 marks 8 years of blogging and I certainly didn’t anticipate to still be typing away all of these years later!

Thanks to Ryman Diaries for my new 2018 planner which I’ve already began to put to use, alongside with my weight loss planner so I can hopefully hit my SW milestone ahead of the big 3-0 and to keep a record of anything that comes my way over the 12 months ahead!
Other than the above, I honestly plan to see how the year pans out. At the end of the day, I’m happy and that’s all that matters. Anything else that comes our way is just a bonus!

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