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I can’t believe we’re half-way through Blogmas already! The month seems to be flying and Christmas Day is just over a week away! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve done Blogmas my way – a mix of content and the type of posts you’d usually find on Ruth Writes, just a lot more frequent!
But today, I’m here with a nod to Xmas and I thought I’d share with you our Christmas tree and my favourite tree decoration! Darren and I have lived together for just over two years now and been together for about 3 and a half.
There’s so much emphasis in ‘real life’ on how soon is ‘too soon’ and the speed at which relationships evolve. We’re both into the last six months of our twenties and with so many friends around us getting married and having their second/third child, people ask when we will get married.
But I love us how we are now. Yeah, course I want a ring and a baby eventually, but right now saving (or failing to save) for a mortgage takes precedence and we already have the dog. So, I love hanging this decoration on the tree, making this the third Christmas spent living together.
It makes me smile just looking at the decoration to see how far we’ve come in such a short time (what a cheesy thing to say, I know!) but we’re in our second house thanks to renting, we have Molly the Frenchie and I’m just loving our new silver and blush pink decorations theme!
We don’t have many sentimental decorations so it’s something I plan to invest in from our travels in 2018!

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