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If you’re regular around here you’ll know that I’m a huge skincare fan. I like to take care of my skin; removing my make up as soon as I get home from work and using a variety of cleansers and toners, before applying serums and moisturisers before bed. I really like giving my skin that extra layer of care and think of it as giving my skin a drink overnight to prep for another heavy layer of make up the next day! It’s something I always make time for and really have seen the benefits over the last 6 months with minimal break outs and the clearest skin I’ve had in my 29 years. And that’s saying something!
At the start of November the new skincare brand, ‘Your Good Skin’ contacted me asking if I’d like to participate in their 28 day challenge their running to trial a variety of their products. I jumped at the chance as I love discovering new brand and adding my morning & night routine!
Your Good Skin is an own brand from Boots. The first in-house brand in 15 years, it’s been designed to be used by real women and since its launch in September 2017 its had rave reviews and I can totally see why!

I was lucky enough to receive four products from the range –

So far, I’m on day 22 of the 28 day challenge and I’ll admit here and now, I’m a fan of these products! I was interested to try them out for a number of reasons, 1 being I tend to steer clear of toners as I don’t like using acid-based products on my skin and 2, I also cut out using face wipes about 5 years ago, so was interested to see how I found these and how my skin reacted!
The two creams intrigued me cos I love a moisturiser and anything that gives back to my skin a bonus with me! I’ve been using the toner after I’ve removed my make up with micellar water and washed my face. It wasn’t harsh on the skin, which I was expecting and to have a slight burning sensation but it is very gentle, can be used on the eyes and great for getting rid of any last traces of make up or stubborn mascara.
The Balancing Skin Concentrate comes in a gorgeous gold box, listing the benefits of using daily throughout the 28 day challenge. I’ve been using this product twice a day – once in the morning as a primer/moisturiser before I apply my foundation and then again in the evening after following the steps above before bed. It smells really nice, applies lightly to the skin and I would say my skin has improved since using it – less dark circles and it helps with the dryness that I get at this time of year around my nose and on my cheeks.
Similarly to this. I’ve been using the Instant Dryness Rescue on my nose and cheeks, applying before bed so it can work its magic though the night. I’m currently writing this in my pj’s and feeling my skin currently after a good sleep and thoroughly removing my make up last night, my skin feels so soft all over my face and very even too. Impressed!
Lastly I want to talk about the make up wipes. Whilst I don’t plan on using make up wipes as a sole way to remove make up and cleanse my skin, I’ve found them to be so gentle and perfect for removing stubborn eye make up. Whilst I don’t know if I’d re-purchase, if you do tend to prefer wipes this brand is one to look out for.

The brand is stocked in Boots and sold online. I’m honestly converted and will be picking up a couple of the items on repeat!
Let me know if you’ve tried the brand and what your thoughts are!

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