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I’ve wanted to try Kiko Milano Cosmetics for a while after having a nosey in the Covent Garden store earlier in the year, but due to the location of the store it was just too busy to even consider getting matched. So, on a day-trip up to Glasgow last month I spotted my chance and picked up a foundation and nail varnish in the Buchanon Street store.

I decided to try the foundation as I’m in-between a couple at the moment after opting to use tinted moisturisers throughout the summer. But my skin needs a bit of help at the minute due to the change in weather, so a thicker base is needed.
I picked up the Smart Hydrating Foundation
after being matched in store. Overall, I do find the brand to be quite ‘glam’ in the sense of a lot of makeup is worn by the in-store MUA’s and despite being quite pale naturally, I was matched to a darker shade than I would generally go for. So, I actually went against the shade I was matched to and tried a couple of the testers to find a softer, colour. I have no desire to be orange!
I felt Warm Rose 01 was a better match for me, without drastically changing my skintone and I’m really enjoying wearing it. It retails at £5.90 which is an excellent price for a decent size tube. I like the simple packaging and I find it easy to apply, using a foundation brush.
It blends into the skin really easily and offers a medium to heavy coverage which I’m enjoying at this time of year. I would say, it offers a similar level of coverage to Estee Lauder Double Wear and it’s really buildable too. I’ve found mixing with moisturiser at the weekend, helps to blend and softens the formula when I’m not wanting to wear a full face.
Next up was a nail varnish that I grabbed from near the till. I’ve taken a break from having my nails done with shellac until closer to Christmas, which means I’ve been painting my own for the first time in over a year! I thought a true red would be perfect for the lead up to Christmas! I think it was around £4 and it’s doing the job until it’s time for shellac again!

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  1. WhatLydDid says: is it with makeup assistants and matching you too dark?! I’ve experienced it more than once myself! I’m glad you skipped her advice and chose your own shade. Great tip about mixing with moisturiser!
    WhatLydDid com

  2. Jessi says: am dying to try Kiko. I can’t believe how reasonable they are but now good the products sound!! X

  3. Jessi says: am dying to try Kiko. I can’t believe how reasonable they are but now good the products sound!! X

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