Blogmas // SW Healthy Snacks

Blogmas // SW Healthy Snacks

The festive season can be quite tricky for us Slimming Wolders. I’ve spent the last 6 months taking drinks, off-plan snacks and cheat days into consideration, but Christmas signals the month of overindulgence, after-work drinks and the small bowls of Roses appearing around the house!
As it stands I’m just half a stone away from target and having lost two stone, so whilst I pan to enjoy myself, it’s a case of everything in moderation! I try to make sure my cupboards are stocked with low-syn value snacks so I’m not tempted by the treats on offer in work. Anyone who works in an office will understand how lethal it can be…

When I’m working my around Aldi each weekend doing the big shop, there are a few different snacks I reach for –

  • Fresh fruit – either packets of melon or mango to eat at the weekends
  • Grapes – such a great fruit to snack on guilt-free
  • Pom bears – yep, coming in at around 4 syns, Pom bears are a no-brainer and they taste so good
  • Ape Snacks – I recently discovered this brand of snacks and as a fan of coconut, I couldn’t wait to try them! The range includes coconut curls or bites in a variety of flavours including lightly salted, salted chocolate and chia seeds.
  • Slimming World hi-fi bars – Sold in SW groups only, hi-fi bars are a yummy snack that can either class as 3 syns per bar or you can have 2 bars as your Healthy Extra. There’s a variety of flavours to try, but so far my fave’s are the Carrot Cake or Rocky Road flavours.
  • English Provender chutneys taste oh so naughty yet nice. Available i a variety of flavours, they’re the perfect festive treat on rye bread with low fat cheese.

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