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The festive season can be quite tricky for us Slimming Wolders. I’ve spent the last 6 months taking drinks, off-plan snacks and cheat days into consideration, but Christmas signals the month of overindulgence, after-work drinks and the small bowls of Roses appearing around the house!
As it stands I’m just half a stone away from target and having lost two stone, so whilst I pan to enjoy myself, it’s a case of everything in moderation! I try to make sure my cupboards are stocked with low-syn value snacks so I’m not tempted by the treats on offer in work. Anyone who works in an office will understand how lethal it can be…

When I’m working my around Aldi each weekend doing the big shop, there are a few different snacks I reach for –

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  1. rosa1eeen says: i think i’ll be getting those ape snacks they look delicious!
    And not going to lie but i’m tempted to sign up to SW just for the snacks haha.

  2. carrot cake bars look delish! Well done on the healthy snacking in December – it has proven quite a challenge for me and we are only 4 days in haha! xx

  3. WhatLydDid says:’m not on Slimming World, but I do love searching # slimmingworlduk on Instagram to find tasty recipes (among all the grape nuts and muller lights), and more than once I’ve considered joining just to get my hands on Hi Fi bars. They have such yummy flavours!
    WhatLydDid com

  4.[…] packaging, to the variety of flavours, I’m such a fan. I initially talked about them in my healthy snacks post and they’re perfect for using to top your porridge. I chose to use the coconut curls as […]

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