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Since joining Slimming World in June this year, my attitudes towards food has massively changed. I consider the brands I buy when shopping, like to think about ingredients, meal plan for every day of the week and like to discover new cookery books and recipes to try. I love meal planning and making my favourite meals ‘on plan’, however my fall-down can be snacks. Generally, I don’t actually snack, tending to stick to three meals per day, but over the weekend I like to treat myself to a pack of crisps whilst binge watching Stranger Things and looking for new snacks to try.
So, when the team at ‘Off The Eaten Path’ reached out to introduce the brand and showcase their partnership with chef and food blogger, Deborah Thompson, I was intrigued…
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Deborah blogs over at Salted Mint and she’s teamed up with Off The Eaten Path to help people eat exciting meals that are simple, quick and easy to make. Inspired by the different flavours in the new snacks range, they’ve created three unique recipes, which you can whip up in the week to take to work or have at home.
The new snacks which Deborah has included within each of her adventurous lunch ideas provide a source of fibre, contain no artificial colours or preservatives, and are made from ingredients such as rice, green peas, pinto beans and white beans. Every snack is then seasoned with either simple sea salt, sour cream and cracked black pepper, or caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar flavouring for a delicious snack.
The snacks come in a variety of flavours, including:

Deborah is the mastermind behind the recipe creation of three easy lunchtime recipes, perfect for matching with the snacks. The recipe that caught my eye and I defo can’t wait to whizz up in the kitchen is this one –

Rainbow Veggie Wraps with Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce

Vibrant, colourful and perfectly packable, this handheld lunch to take to work or for when you’re on the go.

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If you’re in the mood to hunt down some of the Off The Eaten Path snacks, hot foot it down to Sainsbury’s and stock up on the variety of flavours!

*This post is in collaboration with Off The Eaten Path*
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  1. WhatLydDid says: love that you’ve discovered some SW friendly snacks plus a healthy, tasty lunch or dinner option! I imagine the lettuce wraps might wilt by lunchtime, so I’d have the rice and vegetables, drizzle the sauce over top, and maybe add a lean protein x
    WhatLydDid com

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