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Until recently I’d never actually tried Lush Skincare products. It’s one of those stores that I find quite overwhelming to enter due to the sheer volume of people buying bath bombs like they’re going out of fashion. But when an email dropped in my inbox inviting me along to the Liverpool Lush store bloggers event, I knew this was my opportunity to learn a little bit more about the brand.

The closed door event was simple – around 40 bloggers attended the event so it was great to bump into new and old familiar faces and we could try a variety of the products and chat to the super helpful staff about the products that would work for us. So this when I made a beeline for the skincare!
Moisturisers and cleansers are my bag so I was really keen to get a better understanding of the product range and try a couple out.
My skintype used to be quite oily but as I’ve gotten older and switched up my diet in recent months I think now it’s quite normal with dry patches on my cheeks. So with this in mind, I had three moisturisers recommended to me, which I’ve used for the last two weeks –
Celestial is made from almonds, so it’s high in vitamin E and is designed to target dry skin. It’s naturally scented but is quite powerful, which my bf found quite overpowering when I applied at might before bed. It smoothed into the skin really easily and didnt feel heavy. I’d defo use this product again.
Cosmetic lad
Cosmetic lad has a clue in the name as this product is actually designed for men to use after shaving but it was recommended to me as it works just as well for women. It smells lovely and both me and my bf gave this one a go. Because it’s to be used after shaving it’s quite calming on the skin with a deeper scent and very soothing once applied.
And last but not least, onto my favourite out of the three – Gorgeous. Made from fruit extracts, it smells just as you would expect! This is a lot lighter than the previous two but I still felt it working on on my skin and when applied in the morning before my foundation. I found a little bit goes a long way with this product and I can’t wait to repurchase it again!
Naturally made and designed to target specific areas of your skin. I was so impressed with the variet of products so thank you to Lush Liverpool for the invite. It was great to browse the products and learn more about the brand!

*Thank you Lush Liverpool for the invite and your generous sample products and goody bag.

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