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If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m not averse to changing my hair colour. Back in 2010, this very blog began under the name, ‘Musings of Ruby’ due to my bright red hair. However, once I decided to go blonde back in 2014, I re-branded as Ruth Writes. However, becoming a blondie means I’m forever searching for the perfect shade of blonde. Dark blonde, dirty blonde, platinum and my latest venture, silver/grey, are all shades I’m tried my hardest to obtain!

Anyone who’s ever had red hair will tell you it’s a lot of upkeep and hard to get rid of (and I really, really miss it…) but silvery grey comes with its own set of rules! Luckily, I discovered Shades London in time and their easy toners are helping me make the transition to old lady grey.

When I first applied this to my hair I must admit, I was nervous. It is bright blue and I looked like I was auditioning to join the Smurfs. My boyfriend raised an eyebrow and helpfully pointed out my hair was bright blue and looked almost black in places… the fear kicked in!

Once the advised 10-15 minutes had passed, I started to rinse my hair and was relieved to watch the water run blue, thankfully leaving my hair blonde! The end result was an ashy blonde and slightly darker in places as the toner had taken to the bleached sections of my hair.

It smells really fruity and is super easy to use – perfect for in-between dyes or if you want to brighten your hair up for a special occasion! Shades London is available in Bodycare and coming in at less than a fiver; it’s a no-brainer for blondes!

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