Blogging // Is your blog content enough?

The doubts surrounding blog content, photo quality, and generally social stats are at an all-time high. Blogging began as a hobby, a form of escapism but in the last 2/3 years, it’s become so much more with many of our favourite bloggers taking it full time and showing how it can be a career. Hell, my job as ‘Content Outreach Exec ‘didn’t exist 5 years ago, showing the power that the industry has. But the age old question of ‘Is your content enough’ doesn’t seem to be going away…

In blogging the competition is rife, with amazing girls and guys smashing it on #spon content, brand collabs and creating amazing stuff for the internet, but I firmly believe your blog is what YOU make of it. Whether you upload posts when you have the time or you want to see how you can progress with the desire to blog full-time and make your blog the best it can be; comparison is the thief of joy, so make it unique to you.
In my day job, I spent a large proportion of my time researching new bloggers to collaborate with across my clients and looking at the engagement of many of our favourite bloggers. Discovering what makes one blog stand apart from another and how their readers engage with their posts. For me, that’s the important part that sometimes falls to the wayside. Do other bloggers and blog readers engage with your content, read and comment on posts and support on social media?

I’m not talking about being a ‘big blogger’ with a mass of Instagram followers and a high DA, but does your content keep your audience coming back? I mean, we don’t write for no one to read our posts do we, but in the same vein, blogging DID begin as a space to write freely. So, make it your own and your ‘voice’ with shine through. Ultimately, giving brands/PRs/readers an indication as to what you’re about. And by doing so, the need to worry about whether you’re doing enough will subside, because at the end of the day, if you’re happy with your post, photos, and social posts and you feel the post ticks the boxes of what you set out to achieve, you’ll know you’re smashing it in your own way.

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  1. Totally agree with your points here! If you love your blog, your personality will shine with it!
    Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

    1. Thanks Anika 🙂 x

  2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsTotally true! Even with my recent rebrand change in focus, I still blog cause I want to and love sharing things that are useful more than anything! x

    1. I love your new content and i just adore creating blog posts!

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