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Food // Summer Eats with Holy Moly Dips 

After a super-long hiatus away from posting food content, I’m back! Since joining SW, I’ve reignited my love for prepping super-yummy meals and making sure I get my 5-a-day! If you know anything about Slimming World, you may have heard that avocado is a syn. Essentially, it’s a fat free diet plan so even healthy fats like the humble avocado is a bit of a no-go and must be counted as a syn.

However, I’m not one to always play by the rules and therefore I’ve still been getting my avocado on toast fix and loading it yup on sweet potato nachos (SO not as good as classic nachos) without syning it – I’m all about everything in moderation!

Now when I buy my avocado I tend to opt for a whole one from Aldi and just play the wait and see game as to whether it’s ripe or not! But, when Holy Moly got in touch to see if I fancied trying their avo/guacamole range, I was all in.

First up, I loved the packaging – fun, colourful and making something super healthy feel, well quite naughty. With a choice of natural avocado, guacamole and devilishly hot guacamole, I was keen to try all three and see how I could spread, smash and load up on a variety of recipes!

Avocado, Chicken  & Couscous Salad

When the sunshine made an appearance at the weekend I decided to put Holy Moly to the test bu rustling up an avo, chicken and couscous salad.

  • Holy Moly Guacamole
  • Fresh chicken
  • Plain cous cous
  • Honey mustard dressing

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