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Beauty // Skinny Tan Express Mousse Review 

Fake tan isn’t something I usually cover, however with the sprinkles of the sunshine we’ve been treated to lately, I can’t help but want to wear dresses and my beloved culottes. So, I need to address my winter skin and add a touch of sunkissed colour courtesy of Skinny Tan Express Mousse.
Best known for its speedy reacting time, the Express Mousse can take between 1-3 hours to develop, depending on your desire shade. So if you’re heading ‘out-out’ on a Saturday night, simply add a layer of colour for 1, 2 or 3 hours and then shower off.

As I only wanted to achieve a light tan, so I used a thin layer to get a touch of colour and left it on for an hour.

It works in three stages – one hour provides a classic tan, two hours for a medium tan and three hours if you’d like a slightly darker colour.

Combining natural oils and guarana to firm the skin, Skinny Tan works harder than most to keep the moisture in your skin and thanks to its fresh, fruity scent, I would say it is very different the rest of the tans available on the market.

Apply using an exfoliating prep mitt and leave for your desired time. I’ve found the colour has lasted really well and I’ve stayed hydrated and thoroughly exfoliated beforehand so it applied smoothly to my skin.

I’m hoping the sunshine makes a return soon and with a couple of weddings planned for this summer, I’m excited to use this brand again.

*This post includes PR samples 

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