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Health // The GULP Challenge 

Healthy living and body positivity is rife across social media currently. Whatever shape or size you are, I don’t believe matters and whilst I would always opt to be a dress size smaller if I could, I wouldn’t say it’s a major hang-up. However eating well and putting goodness back into my body is something I’m all for. Whilst recipes and food is a topic I blog about on the regular, drinks isn’t something I often chat about.

Throughout my teens I rarely drank water, opting for juice and the Holy Grail, fizzy pop. Whilst sometimes only a can of diet coke or ice cold Fanta lemon will do, it should rarely turn into a daily or weekly treat. Nowadays I love to have a 2 litre bottle of still water on my desk at work to drink throughout the day and we always have sugar free peach or cherry flavoured squash in at home, to save us getting tempted by the fizzy drink aisle on the food shop!

So, when Home 2 Office Water Coolers got in touch to see if I wanted to help spread the word about their latest campaign, Give Up Loving Pop (GULP) I was all ears. In conjunction with Knowsley Council, the idea behind GULP is to encourage more adults and children to make the easy switch from drinking soft drinks by introducing water to their daily intake.

The GULP campaign is asking people to make the switch for 21 days, starting on the 8th May! Do you think you could give up soft drinks? Having given the challenge some thought, it’s all about making small, smart changes. Whilst I don’t actually buy fizzy pop, it’s my non-alcoholic go-to order when I’m outing out. It’s also my favourite mixer to a lot of spirits. And let’s not forget the popular Slimming World recipe….coca cola chicken! So, I’m switching fizz for fruit juice and introducing a glass of milk before bed, like I had when I was little!

I’m three days into giving this a go and so far, so good! Are you inclined to give it a go….and do you think you can stick to the challenge?!

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