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Review // Gousto Sicilian Chicken Linguine

Gousto Sicilian Chicken Linguine Review

Gousto Sicilian Chicken Linguine Review

Moving on from posting my first recipe from the Gousto meal subscription box, I’m back with my second review. As I mentioned in my last post, the range of meals differ according to your lifestyle i.e. low calorie, vegetarian or like this one, quick & easy.

Whilst pasta dishes are my go-to when I want to make a filling, yet veg-packed meal, I decided to choose a pasta recipe to expand my repertoire. So, I went with the Sicilian Chicken Linguine.
The ingredients appeared simple enough, not too much technique required and it’s not very often that I make lemon-based dishes.

This recipe was a lot easier to follow – plus I like the fact that the chicken arrived pre-diced so I could pop it straight into the frying pan, along with the stock cube and a pinch of salt and pepper. Similarly to the Spiced Pork Tenderloin recipe, the dish was packed with flavour and I’m looking forward to re-creating this one again soon.

Involving less prep and therefore less kitchen stress, I personally would say if you’re pushed for time or don’t want to dedicate your evening to cooking, the quick and easy meals are the way forward.

However, that said, I loved the variety across the 22 meals and I’ve defo been pushed outside my comfort zone to try new recipes and mix mealtimes up a little.

Whilst the cost of the box for just 2 meals for 2 people came in at just over half of the cost of my weekly shop; including alcohol and toiletries, it’s an expensive way to prep. But, if you’re someone who’s on the go and loves the convenience of knowing exactly what you’re making each night, I can really see the appeal.

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