Being a blogger is all fun and games until you realise this industry is now a serious business and you find yourself hustling with brands to make money and keep everything above board! My day job is in blogger outreach so I understand both sides of the spectrum, so I’ve compiled a fun helpful tips kinda post, focusing on the 5 things to remember when you want to take your blog to the next level!

  • Spelling is everything

It’s so easy to forget about spelling and grammar when you’re not really posting for a reason, other than to share your opinions on a new lipstick or a recipe you love. But when you’re collaborating with a brand or part of a bigger campaign, it’s good to remember to check your spelling and grammar. Whilst some of your readers might not care so much, brands and PR’s do, so don’t forget to double check brand names and ensure your post looks and sounds its best!

  • SEO matters

Similarly to point number one, including target keywords and using post titles and hashtags that are relevant to the post is a good habit to get into. This means Google is more likely to ‘read’ your post and it will increase your rankings! More rankings = more brands are likely to find you. Winner all round!

  • Paying pesky taxes

This isn’t something I’ve really come across until recently but it turns out when you’re using your blog as a business aka a way to make money, you gotta pay tax. I recently came across a new site Simple Tax, that takes away all of the hard work and arranges how much you should be paying for you! Calculated from your blog income and taking into consideration any additional expenses you claim back (coffee meetings with brands, train tickets to events or even car parking can all be claimed back), this super helpful tool works out how much tax you owe.
You can earn up to £10,600 before you start to pay tax on your business. Just log onto Simple Tax, create an account and complete the relevant info – the address your blog/business is registered too, all expenses and your initial estimated income. Once you’ve filled in the relevant info, validate your tax return and it will calculate for you. Easy as 1 2 3!

  • Get social

One of the biggies when it comes to boosting traffic, contacting brands and sharing posts is to utilise social media. Twitter and Instagram are a blogger’s best friend for more reasons than sharing selfies and flat lay photos! Using relevant hashtags, connecting with local bloggers in your area and using the Explore page on Instagram is a must.  There’s been no better time to get social!

  • Network away!

Moving onto building relationships, there’s no shame in re-connecting with brands and PR’s you’ve worked with previously. If it’s a brand that’s relevant to your content and something your readers would love to hear about, get in touch! There’s a blog for every industry nowadays and digital is the way forward, so if you feel like reaching out to showcase your blogger worth – do it!
There’s no right or wrong way to run/manage your blog, but these are my tips from the outside looking in and what I’ve learnt in my seven years blogging. Anyone has the opportunity to take their blog to the next level and with so many fantastic influencers owning the internet across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, I don’t see why we can’t all have a slice of the action!
*This post contains collaborative links