Drinks // 3 Fruit Infused Water Recipes 

During the week I drink a lot of water, usually averaging on 2 litres a day but with the sudden burst of spring weather, I know summer days are around the corner and one of the healthiest ways to get into shape and look after your body is by upping your water intake.
Like I mentioned, I’m already a big H20 fan but it’s good to mix things up and adding fruit to your water not only switches up the flavour but acts as a natural detox.
In collaboration with Highland Spring water, I’ve compiled my top 3 ways to infuse water to keep things interesting and to ensure I’m drinking my daily intake!

Cucumber Infused Sparkling Water
Starting off with an obvious one – cucumber. Whilst it’s often more likely to found in a glass filled with gin, adding slices of cucumber to either still or sparkling water is a simple way to add subtle hints of flavour as it infuses.

Lemon Infused Still Water
Next up, the most popular fruit to add to water – slices of lemon. Citrus fruits work really well as the flavour naturally infuses into the water and the health benefits are great too as it helps flush the digestive system rehydrates the body.

Blueberry Infused Sparkling Water
Lastly, I decided to try adding my favourite fruit to sparkling water – blueberries. I wasn’t sure how this would turn out or if they would infuse the water at all. In hindsight, I think I’ll add strawberries next time too, so add additional flavour. However, the blueberries at the end of the glass where a nice treat!

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