Beauty // My 2017 Perfume Collection

After what felt like an eternity of wearing the same pefume on repeat, I decided to introduce a couple of new additions to my collection, including a perfume I’ve been listing after for months!! 

The Luxe Edition 
Every time I walk past a YSL stand I always have a spritz of the Black Opium perfume as I just adore how it smells! Sexy, sultry and with serious lasting power, I’ve wanted it for ages! 
I love the shape of the bottle and how classy it looks on my bathroom shelf! Not your typical everyday scent, it’s my new nighttime go to! 
Everyday Essentials 
In contrast to the YSL, I wanted a new everyday scent and this is where my love for celebrity scents comes in! 
Beyonce Heat is an old fave as it’s quite budget in terms of how cheap you can pick a large bottle up for. It’s quite a distinctive scent so it’s lasting but not too heavy. Perfect to spray on in the morning before work and you can still smell it hours later. Exactly what you want for day-to-day! 

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  1. Great post Ruth! I love black opium, have you smelt Vicktor& Rolf flower bomb? It’s a sweet floral smell and lasts all day! Xx

    1. Ruth Writes says:

      Thank you! No I really want to try that one xx

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