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Whilst we’re not out of the woods yet with the festive period continuing till we welcome in the new year, I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for a change at mealtimes. Out goes the meats, generous helpings of gravy and various types of potatoes and I’m ready for vegetables!
My fridge is looking rather sparse at the minute, if you don’t include the various types of cheese and pate (I’ve always got room for you camembert!) except for a couple of veggies knocking around in the chiller drawer. So in a bid to make a tasty yet super speedy meal for 2, I’m rustled up this – a veggie satay noodles dish!


What’s the method?
Well, like I said earlier, it’s really easy. Using up the last of the veggies, I roughly chopped 2 peppers, a courgette and half of punnet of mushrooms and gently fried in coconut oil on a low heat.
In a second large saucepan, place your noodles on the heat for 7/8 minutes (or as long as the pack instructs)
Once the veggies have started to brown, I like to add a bit of seasoning using garlic and paprika powder. Then stir in your peanut butter and add half a cup of hot water to add liquid to the mix so it will thicken and create your satay sauce. I like to use both soft and crunchy peanut butter so I get the peanuts in the sauce too.
Once your noodles are soft and boiling in the pan, drain and add to your frying pan so they can mix with the sauce and cover in that delicious satay sauce!
Serve and enjoy!

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