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Personal style within your home I think is something that comes from the people within it. I often look on Instagram and Pinterest for #inspo on up-cycling our very old, and quite frankly, hand-me-down furniture and new ways we can update our rented house. But I think what’s most important is creating memories and a space in which you feel truly comfortable.
Now, I actually think it’s quite ironic that I’m writing this post as my boyfriend and I couldn’t have more opposite tastes. Whilst some men don’t really have an opinion on interiors, mine does and this is where it can go wrong!
In his words, he likes our home to be ‘minimalistic, white and sterile’. The first bit I can get on board with but sterile? No thanks, we don’t live in a hospital! I’m all about character. I like some kinds of minimal but also for a house to look lived in and cosy.
I’d also love a gallery wall as I adore the idea of having old childhood photos and pictures with friends and family adorned on the walls. But again, my man indoors (quite literally) likes one or two prints per room. So to compromise and feed his film & cinema addiction, we’re planning on having a collage frame and a couple of movie posters framed to add that much-needed character.
During my search for wall art I came across Posterlounge. They have a huge range of posters, wall art and canvases. I really like the idea of some cool city prints of places we’ve visited – either together or separately and a maybe an iconic film poster or two.

In terms of furniture, I’d love a large corner sofa. Preferably in grey but with a variety of throws chucked over the back for colder nights and to add warmth and colour to the room. I’m also on the hunt for a standing lamp to fit behind our sofa.

I like the idea of having statement pieces in our living room so it feels cosy rather than cluttered. Whilst we’re still in desperate saving for a house mode, money is tight on interiors but I love to dream shop on Made. Their cushions, rugs and lampshades are just gorgeous and so well matched to our ‘joint style’.
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