Recipe // SW Tex Mex Chilli

Chilli is often my go-go dish when I want to make something yummy, healthy but quickly! I have my own chilli recipe down to an art but in a bid to shape up, I decided to give this completely syn free Slimming World chilli a go!
The majority of the ingredients were the same, just lots of spices thrown in for good measure and give the dish a kick!


Method wise, it’s easy! Chop your veg and throw in a large frying pan along with a touch of frylite.
Begin to flavour with a  dollop of paprika, garlic and chilli powder.
Once the veg is simmering in the pan add your meat and stock to the mix.
In a seperate pan cook your rice on a low heat.
Allow the chilli mix to simmer for 20 minutes or so until the stock begins to thicken. Then plate up and enjoy!

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