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Recipe // Honey Mustard Sunday “Roast”

Im not a traditional Sunday Roast girl but I do enjoy a hearty plate full of meat and veggies to round of my weekend. So I had a root through my recipe books and found this – Honey Mustard Chicken. 

Roasted veg, potatoes and fall of the bone chicken in a mustard sauce. Delicious! 


  • Free range chicken 
  • Carrots 
  • Potatoes 
  • Courgette 
  • Red onion x 2 
  • Wholegrain mustard 
  • 1 leek

I gently fried my chicken, leek, 1 onion and courgette in my griddle pan using frylite. 

Whilst I loaded the Carrots, potatoes and second onion in a roasting tin with coconut oil and popped in the oven for 4o minutes.  

Back to my pan. I added a chicken stock pot to the pan to flavour and a hearty dollop of Wholegrain mustard. 

Whilst the veg roasted away in the oven I allowed the stock to simmer down and the mustard to infuse the meat and veg. 

Once the timer pinged I plated up and we demolished the lot! The perfect twist on a Sunday roast! 

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