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Food // Lunchtime Peeves

I’m one of those organised sorts who manages to #preplikeaboss and bring both my breakfast and lunch to work at least 4 days out of 5. Tupperware is life and I love thinking of fun new lunch ideas to bring and ping in the office microwave.

I don’t believe in a boring lunch and because I prep both my own and my bf’s each night, I try to mix it up and make work mealtimes fun with a  variety of options for breakfast and lunch.

I love to start my day with a kilner jar of overnight oats. Mixing honey and greek yoghurt with fruit, oats, cinnamon and a splash of almond milk, I really look forward to it and it generally keeps me full till around half 11.


My boyfriend is a teacher and he tends to eat his breakkie during the morning break so I send him off to school with a croissant and jam. The perfect sweet pick-up-up at mid morning!

But now we’re on to the main event – lunchtime planning!

Now I’m a  Tupperware queen and love to try and be as inventive as I can with my lunch prep! I swear if you were to open my kitchen drawers at home you’d be surprised with the mass of containers I manage to store away! Oh and it doesn’t help that I’m always re-stocking on my homeware shopping trips…I swear I could do a tupperware haul one day!

Bagels, pasta salads, homemade soups or a classic sandwich – all of the above make the grade and keep lunchtime as interesting as possible and most importantly, 3pm sweet treats at bay!


I’ve worked in offices for the last 5 years and have experienced all manors of office etiquette – as I tend to bring in my own almond milk for breakfast only as I don’t drink tea, I have been  known to add a post-it stating breast milk to keep tea and coffee drinks away…

A new survey by Data Label showcased that one third of people have had their lunch stolen from a communal fridge…and I must admit, it’s something I worry about when I bring my sassy lunchbox and exciting lunches into work each day!

Read more about fridge theft in the Start Your Business article!

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