Review // Mowgli, Bold Street, Liverpool

Mogwli is one of those highly sought-after Bold Street restaurants that you hear so much about but really struggle to get a table at! With a strict ‘no reservations’ policy and an eclectic number of tables inside, I knew it was somewhere I just had to try.

On a rainy mid-week evening a friend and I managed to bag a table. The eatery was rather full with a choice of just two tables, so we were lucky to bag a spot. Nestled at the bag of the restaurant, in full sight of the beautifully decorated bar area, we took our places and knew we were in for a treat.

One of the first things that struck me upon entry was the delicious aromas that filled the restaurant. Renowned for its delectable menu of Indian street food, I was drawn to the variety of small plates of food taking pride of place at neighbouring tables.

Mowgli is the kind of place that doesn’t need fanfare – its loyal customers and word of mouth serve it well. With a small yet packed menu using the sub-headings; street chat, street eats, Hindu kitchen, house kitchen carbs we navigated our way through – along with the assistance of our waitress!

 The idea is simple – select 4 or 5 small, tapas-style dishes and they arrive as soon as they’re cooked. Whenever food is on the table, I go with my gut so I decided to try the chip butty, the tea steaped chickpeas, house butter chicken curry with sides of puri – rounded flatbreads and basmati rice.

Each dish was the ideal portion and flavours were in abundance. From rich, tomatoey chickpeas to the smooth, flavoursome butter chicken. Perfectly creamy and just the right amount of spice – I was sold!

And I can’t not mention the flatbreads! They had an almost dough-like consistency and were the perfect way to scoop up leftover sauce and really get to grips with the street food elements of the menu!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can’t wait for a return visit!

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