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Who doesn’t love picnic food? Or even better, a carpet picnic? Well, today’s recipe is ideal for those kinda situations and so minimal effort too!

I don’t think it’s a secret around these parts that I love cheese and so this mozzarella recipe is one of my absolute fave’s. And they don’t take that long to make so you’ve plenty of time to rustle up this beetroot houmous dish while you wait….

So what do you need? 

Pre-made pastry if you don’t fancy making your own ( I tend to buy it so there’s that)

Mozzarella – I chose to buy a ball of it and chop up but you can opt for already grated if we’re really cutting down on time

Tomato puree or tommy k

Cherry tomatoes

And to make these little huns of delight, it’s a bit like making a pizza. Layer the puree on each square of the pasty and add your toppings. I would even suggest chuckin’ a bit of chorizo over a couple to add a new flavour. Or pesto. Everything is greater with pesto.

Once you’ve layered up, pop in the oven for 15 minutes or so – making sure you’re watching through the oven window for all the cheese to go melty….that’s a word, right?

Serve as part of your picnic with salads and couscous dishes or just eat alone as a snack. Either way – they’re good!


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