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Here on this blog I try to showcase as many different recipes as I can, but I find it always comes back to Mexican. It’s the type of food I love to eat and enjoy in equal measures. It could be a chicken, beef or even a prawn dish but introduce soft tortilla wraps, spicy flavoursome rice and an array of perfectly spiced veggies…and I’m sold!

So when I decided I was in the mood to cook on the hottest day of the year, an open fajita wrap was firmly on the menu!

It’s a tried and tested recipe for me and I know I can just about rustle it up when the contents of my fridge is looking rather sorry for itself. So, what do you need? Well this is one of those recipes that can easily be adapted. If you’re veggie, swerve the meat or vegan – forget cheese. Mexican can truly be adapted for all food groups.


X2 chicken breasts (free range if you’re that way inclined)

1 red & 1 green pepper

2 red onions

1 courgette

Tortilla wraps – wholemeal or white. Enough for all members of your party

Rice – 1 small cup between 2 to thicken up your sauce

Avocado & lemon juice for guacamole

Cheeeeese – a block/slab/grated or vegan – go wild!!

Spices to add a kick – I prefer to use paprika, chilli powder, garlic and a touch of cajun spice

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