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So daily blogging kinda dropped off didn’t it? I tried but this month has been kinda crazy.

I started a new job in Liverpool, which means I’m closer to home and I now work in blogger outreach, which mom enjoying so much! And I’ve spent this weekend celebrating my 28th birthday…I know, I know i don’t look a day over 25 (lies)!

So I thought I’d bring you a ‘Life Lately’ kinda post instead!

1. Earlier in the week I fancied trying out a new recipe and following the news about Good Food, I tried a new veggie pasta bake – delicious!
2. I love having fresh flowers around the house? I think they just brighten up my kitchen windowsill!
3. Al fresco cocktails at the Goodness Gracious rooftop bar in the sunshine made my Saturday. Amazing views.
4. Followed by more cocktails at Tribeca and food at Ruth Writes – Neon Jamon review. Yep, again. I loved it so much last week, I went back with bae.



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