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Food // Mexican Dinner Parties

So, we’ve lived in our house for 6 months now but up until this past weekend we haven’t properly had friends round…I know right? I think it’s cos most of our furniture is hand-me-down and we moved a bit further out than our home towns. 

But on Saturday night, that all changed when I them out first dinner party and obvs there was only one thing in the menu – Mexican!!


I love cooking Mexican food as its easy, full of flavour and great for sharing with friends. Plus I got to use my new tapas dishes to hold the all important cheese, sour cream and spicy rice. 

Ok, our dinner table as not to our taste at all but I really enjoyed cooking for two of our friends and just sitting around the table chatting, drinking and working our way through chicken fajitas. 

Now to plan my next one…


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