Homeware // Introducing Lobster Homeware

Lobster Homeware have been on my radar for a while now as they’re a new homeware brand who feature an iconic lobster print.

Longtime readers of my blog will now that I’m quite into cookery and enjoy rustling up new creations in the kitchen. And what do you need when you’re creating mess? A new apron!

I was very kindly sent one of the Lobster aprons to sample and I’m impressed!

I chose the beautiful yellow colour as I love to try and brighten up my kitchen where I can! The quality is truly excellent and I love the personal touches – such as embossed fabric bag it arrived in and the cute swing tags!

The print is really sweet and I was thrilled to find it had oven gloves attached too. This is a weird sentence to write but I’m a fan of oven gloves! I just don’t get those of you out there who use tea towels – madness!

It has really nice Lobster tags on the pockets and it’s just a lovely style of apron – the kind I remember my grandma wearing when I was younger and I wanted my own to copy her! Well, now I do!

I think I need to head into the kitchen this weekend and attempt my best Mary Berry impressio lb whilst wearing my lovely new apron – thank you Lobster Homewear!

*I was sent the apron kindly from Lobster Homeware to review, however all opinions are truly my own! 


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