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Fashion // Trench Coats & Coloured Houses

Now, I never really do fashion ‘ootd’ posts as they aren’t always very me. Plus I don’t have Instagram-worthy locations in or near my home so I just do me, which is food and beauty.

But whilst I was down in London at the weekend, the weather was lovely, I liked my outfit and the whitewash and coloured houses were just too beautiful not to take a couple of pictures in front of. 

I didn’t really know what to wear as the weather up North can sometimes be very different to the weaather in London. It was forecast light rain (which we didn’t see at all) so I went with a warm yet casual outfit – plus my brolly was in my bag so I was prepared for rain!

  • Trench Coat – New Look
  • Grey roll neck jumper dress – River Island
  • Indigo jeggings – New Look
  • Really, really old pair of black buckle boots from Matalan
  • Micheal Kors bag




  1. Love this coat, and it goes really well with the neckline of the dress underneath 🙂


  2. Trench coats and colourful houses are always a delight! I recently bought myself a new trench coat from Zara but as of yet I haven’t worn it! Although I’m pretty sure I’ll be pulling it out of my wardrobe under all these bizarre rain showers! 🙂

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