Beauty // Toning My Hair Grey 

Since we moved house I’ve left my hairdresser behind and my regular appointments for blonde highlights are no more. Instead I’ve started box dying my hair again and this usually spells trouble as I can experiment with colour!

I’m loving the soft grey tones that are appearing on my Instagram feed so I decided to get in on the action.

First I had to lighten my existing blonde to strip away the yellow tone that has started to come through before I applied the toner. This one from Garnier worked really well and I was white blonde in half an hour!

I picked up two of these Jerome Russell blonde toner kits in slate. I’ve applied one so far for the advised 30 minutes. It’s taken on my ends and my hair looks slightly darker on top but I’m gonna use the second one and leave for an hour. Hopefully the colour will develop then! 

I also picked up an argan oil conditioner as I need to take care of my hair after applying so much bleach and toner in the space of a week! 

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how my second attempt goes!

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  1. Love the layout of your blog! Very unusual and I use the coconut moisturiser by inecto too! They’re great and so affordable!

    Oliver •

  2. CarlyRowena says:

    LOVE the layout of your blog, thank you so much for sending me the link to your page!

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