Life // A Week in Pictures


The last 7 days have mainly consisted of – 

  1. Homemade chicken quesadillas. First attempt wasn’t too bad but I’m excited for another go to get them just right. 
  2. What’s that? A new beauty post? It’s been a while since I’ve beauty blogged so this post signals the start of beauty again.
  3. A creme egg….that’s all on that one. 
  4. Lunch on Saturday at an American style place called Junk. The cocktails sounded amazing so this place is on our list to visit again. 
  5. Toasted choc hot cross buns, tea and daffodils in the sunshine on a Sunday morning. 
  6. And lastly, my attempt at cocktails using my Blend Active and new jars. Sloe gin, frozen fruit and tonic water. Delicious! 

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