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It’s been a while since I’ve covered beauty around these parts so what better time to get back into it than January!

I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol now for 3 weeks and my skin and body are feeling so much better for it, but I need to re-address my skincare routine as it’s dropped off lately and I’ve been getting lazy. So, if I blog about it, I’ll remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise each night again!

Nivea is such an old school brand, the one that you started using when you first bought moisturiser or face wipes with your pocket money in your teens. As I grew older I turned to niche products, but Nivea is always an old faithful.

I love micellar water so I was excited to swap my current bottle of Simple to this one. It’s really gentle on the skin and it easily removes my make up in one wipe. Even waterproof mascara which is the devil to get rid off without leaving black marks!

I don’t tend to use wipes that often but I took these into hospital with me earlier this month and they did just the job. They kept my skin soft and fresh, without any dryness which I sometimes worry about.

And lastly, my favourite skincare essential. Moisturiser. I love nothing more than slathering my face in moisturiser after I’ve taken my make up off. This one feels really light and smells good too.

I received this gift set for Christmas from my Mum as she knew I’d appreciate it more than bath stuff and I’m really pleasantly surprised. I need to start raining in the purse strings so I think I’ll take a look at Nivea skincare next time I’m in my local supermarket and see what else is on offer!

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